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What does the Chamber do and what can it do for me?

Estill County Local-Motive

Begun as an effort of the Chamber and EDA, Local-Motive is a buy local, think local initiative that has started in our community and will spread all over our region. Eastern Kentucky Local-Motive has launched and our Chamber will be working out a formal partnership with the regional program to form an official local chapter by the end of 2012. In essence, we want to keep as much money as close to home as possible.

Leakage Analysis and Directory

Part of Local-Motive is doing leakage analyses for our businesses to determine where their money is leaving the community as well as where consumer money is leaving that could be staying with local business. Our goal is to provide a directory to the public of all goods and services available locally as well as help member businesses identify and secure new suppliers and customers.

Business Education

The Chamber is always listening and providing educational opportunities that our members tell us they need. We have partnered with the EKU SBDC to bring social media training and held other seminars on local economic development, business financing and marketing.  We look to be offering many more of these opportunities in the future!

Opportunities for Visitors

Rather than focus purely on promotion, we aim to focus on development of sites and attractions, both new and existing.  This will provide our community with even more to promote!  The Chamber also serves as the point of contact for visitors and those wishing to relocate, and we send out dozens of community information packets every year.

Targeting Entrepreneurship

Using the goods & services directory and leakage analyses of our business community, we will (with input and feedback from Chamber members) suggest and encourage new business ventures as well as expansion opportunities based on the documented needs of our community. Entrepreneurial support and small business services are already pledged by EKU and other supporting institutions.

We are also in the final planning stages of a small business incubator for Estill County called the ICE Box (Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs). The incubator will be a low-rent space for start-up small businesses where they can get support and grow their operations and have a better shot at being successful in the long run.

Leadership Development

Development of new leaders in our community is an important task, to say the least.  Beginning with the formation of Leadership Estill County, and continuing to this year’s Leadership LEAP (Learn, Empower, Attain, Progress), more of our people are gaining valuable skills and learning to work across county lines with our friends in Jackson, Lee & Powell Counties.

Business Networking

It is important for our members to get together and get to know each other better as business people. The Chamber offers many opportunities to do just that. Quarterly luncheons, ribbon cuttings/grand openings, our annual meeting and BREW (Business Roundtable for Estill Women) are just a few.

Events & Promotion

The Chamber holds many other events throughout the year.  We hold a bass circuit on the Kentucky River, a golf scramble at our local golf club, Independence Day celebration fireworks and much more.  We are constantly looking for new events and promotional opportunities for our members, and we LOVE to receive feedback and new ideas!

The Estill County Chamber of Commerce strives to support the business community in Irvine, Ravenna & Estill County, Kentucky in order to spur progress, encourage community and economic development, and improve the quality of life in our community.